My philosophy


I have been photographing weddings since 1992. I used to want to create works of epic beauty and share the with world what I saw through the ground glass of my Mamiya. I still do, but now I want so much more. I want to work with you before the wedding day to get to know you, the important people and moments on your day. Together with your planner, we can create a seamless day that is well thought out. And then on your wedding day, I want you to be in the moment so I can be there with you. Those are the photographs I want to create.

The Hiring Process


Checking off “hire photographer” on your to-do list can be overwhelming and every photographer does things a little differently.
Navigating through all that info can be like driving down a foggy road in the woods of Maine. YIKES! 

Have no fear. The packages I offer you I have carefully thought out with all my  ~ v a s t  w i s d o m~    so that you will walk away a happy and satisfied couple.



All wedding packages include a minimum of the following:


  • consultations before the wedding & after
  • 8 hours of coverage or more
  • second shooter
  • an assistant
  • a beautifully custom designed album
  • wall art
  • digital negatives
  • and last, but not least, a fabulously good time!


Wedding packages begin at $4000. 


An investment of $4,000 gives you all that is listed above. If I offered you any less in any package, I would not be doing you justice. Just as it is your choice to have a first look* or not, it is your choice what you hire someone for. Through a dialogue with me, I can help you find what it is you really do want.


How to Invest


Knowing what is important to your day can help you determine how much time to invest in a photographer. I have many people hire me for 8 hours, and the other half go with 12 hours so they can have their day just as they want it. Each was perfect according to the individual wedding because we spent time finding out what was important ahead of time.


Questions you might want to ask yourself:


How do I want to spend my reception time?


After I walk down the aisle and say I do and all of my guests are there they have seen me but I haven't really seen them, do I want to go into family pictures right away or should we do that at another time? 


When the wedding is said and done what will I have to remember it?
           Will it be a box with thumbdrive of images that gets buried under other things in my desk?

What type of album do I want?
           What album really says me?
                    For this we need to meet in person so you can hold them and look them over and find the one that has you all over it.


Your album is to have and to hold. For forever and like your ring, it will be passed on.

Contact Sharyn


I want to hear from you and hear about the vision of your day. I have questions for you and I want to listen.

I am here to help you invest in a way that feels good to you both. I want YOU both to get to know to ME so you can decide for yourself if I am someone you want to spend your important day with. Your photographer will be your one wedding vendor who will be the most personally involved with you on your wedding day. I highly recommend getting to know any photographer you consider hiring. The investment goes much beyond the dollars spent. It goes into the quality of your memories. - Sharyn

How will you remember the love?