photography of your life for your life

A photo of you smiling should be because you are genuinely happy from within 

~ Sharyn

Everyone should have beautiful photography

As a lifelong artist, Sharyn Peavey has encouraged others to take an expansive look at the world around us. Hers is not a quest simply to replicate a moment, but to create an image that captures and conveys the meaning in the moment. Your meaning. There are many photographers taking pictures, all to different capacities. If you are looking for the photos of a lifetime, get to know Sharyn:


Hi there!


I’m Sharyn Peavey, a lifestyle and wedding photographer who calls the Freeport, Maine area my home. With more than 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, I know how to make sure YOU are subject of your images. YOUR personality. YOUR style. My job is to GET YOU. Your photographs should be an extension of yourself and should represent you authentically. It is important for you to find the right match in a photographer for something as personal and lasting as portraits of you!


There is so much more to love about people than just their smiles and I truly am inspired by all of our real moments to show the love behind the smiles. Shouldn’t your photographs do the same?


Sifting through photographer websites can overwhelm you with so much prettiness that you might be bogged down in details and uncertain of your personal vision. Search no further. Here’s a straightforward way to get started.


 So browse through my galleries and get to know me and my clients. If you want to see yourself in my pictures, contact me. It’s that simple.


When you are looking for a photographer, that can only mean something so awesome is happening in your life that you need a professional. I look forward to hearing all about what that awesomeness is! ~Sharyn

Explore further and please drop me a line below! I'd love to hear from you.